Serendipity Skirt - Tiled - Print at Home

Serendipity Skirt - Tiled - Print at Home


Tiled - Print at Home


Size     SM (2-6)     MED (8-12)    LRG (14-18)    EXLRG (20-24)
Bust      32-34           36-38            40-42             44-46
Waist    23-25            27-29            31-33             35-37
Hip        32-34           36-38            40-42             44-46

The Heroine’s Closet presents the Serendipity Skirt

The Heroine, the Plot and the Dress.
So you’re in the mood to be a commoner for a day? You're going to need the right clothes.  A stylish circle skirt would be just the thing. A full skirt makes climbing out of windows quick and easy. You'll be cool all day as you run amongst the hoi polloi. And look great, too, because you never who you'll meet with a camera. Like say, a Really Handsome Newsman.

Inspired by Audrey Hepburn as Princess Anne, Roman Holiday (1953). Wardrobe by Edith Head.  

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