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Tiger Lily Dress - Copy Shop - Print at Copy Shop



Size     SM (2-6)     MED (8-12)    LRG (14-18)    EXLRG (20-24)
Bust      32-34           36-38            40-42             44-46
Waist    23-25            27-29            31-33             35-37
Hip        32-34           36-38            40-42             44-46

The Heroine’s Closet presents the Tiger Lily Dress and Boater Hat

The Heroine, the Plot and the Dress. Clean and Pressed is Always Well Dressed.  When sweeping through a room to clear a path to your man’s heart, it’s important to dress as clean and crisp as your entrance.  Our Heroine opts for a sheath dress with a flirty 1.5 circle kick skirt. The neckline is high in front with a dipped back neck (perfect for a kiss), and a sleek darted fit.  This dress stays effortlessly stylish in the heat of the summer.  Topping it all off is a trim Boater hat.  So even if you don’t land your man this time, you’ll be crisply ready to clean up next time around.  Tiiiii-ger!

Inspired by Jarma Lewis as Jessica Collins, The Tender Trap (1955). Wardrobe by Helen Rose.  

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