How to Make Your Presto! Popover Top

  1. Cut 2 Fronts and 1 Back on fold (if your fabric is a bit sheer, cut 2 Backs), and 2 Sleeves.  Transfer all markings, including making snip marks at the top and hemline of the CB fold of Back and hemline only of the CF of Front.  NOTE:  Do not snip the CF neckline marking "🁢" on the fold line, use chalk or a pin only.
  2. Open out both Fronts and place RS to RS on top of each other, matching CF neckline marking "🁢", and hemline CF snip marks.  Draw a line from the CF neckline marking "🁢" to the CF snip at hemline with a disappearing marker or chalk.  Stitch both Fronts together with a straight stitch only (do not serge) along the marked line, being sure to back-tack at the CF neckline mark "🁢."

  3.  While Fronts are still RS to RS, sew the top back neckline seam with a straight stitch. This will become the back neck. You do not need a stretch stitch for this seam.  Press back neck seam open then fold it over onto itself, WS to WS and Presto! the Fronts will open up in a butterfly fashion and be doubled-up on each side with a seam down the CF, and a CB seam at the neck creating the unique Presto! neck opening.  

  4. Pop your top over your head and check for neckline/cleavage depth. You can go lower or higher at this point.

  5. Pin or with Wash Away Basting Thread, RS Back* to one RS Front at top of Back from shoulder to shoulder matching squares and dots.  Using the Burrito method bring the second RS Front over to the WS Back - you will need to continue to reach through and pull forward to reach the other end of the seam - match markings and pin. lt's a bit of a tunnel effect. While the seam is exposed, stitch all three layers with a stretch stitch. Turn right-side out and Presto! you will have an enclosed seam and clean finished interior.  
    *lf using two Backs, trim 1/2" from the hemline of one Back, this will be the back "lining."  Baste the two Backs WS to WS along the top of Back then continue as one piece.

  6. Stitch sleeves in the flat method with a stretch stitch.

  7. Stitch side seams with a stretch stitch.

  8. Hem in desired method.

  9. And Presto! Pop on your new top and go have a cookie!